The True Self and the Journey to Finding it

Many of us go through life feeling unfulfilled, searching for something that we can’t quite put our finger on. This feeling of incompleteness can often be attributed to not fully understanding or connecting with our true selves. But what exactly is the true self? The true self is often thought of as our purest, most […]

How can I connect with the universe? [Bayside Meditation]

When you connect with the universe, you connect with the origin of the universe. This is a profound experience that can change your life in amazing ways. The vast and complex universe contains everything, but it is truly alive! When you connect with the universe, you are opening yourself up to limitless possibilities. The first […]

What color is the moon?

You’ve seen the moon, and you know what color it is. But have you ever wondered why it’s that color? Or if other colors might be more common than the blue we all think of when we see our natural satellite in the sky? We polled the community and asked them their opinions on what […]

Let freedom reign!

Freedom is an important concept in life. You’ve likely heard it referenced in songs, movies and literature. We all want freedom in some way or another and the pursuit of that freedom can be very enriching to your life. The only problem is, what does freedom mean? What do you have to do to achieve […]

[Bayside Meditation] How can I live in the moment?

How can I get rid of mind clutters and live in the moment? The reason people have countless, distracting thoughts is that people take pictures of the incomplete world and they hold onto those false minds they have come to possess. A person is born with his habits and from there he adds to his […]

[Bayside Meditation]Suggestions for some good Habits to follow

One of the good habits is to manage time well. Time is limited and what we have to do can be infinite. Therefore, skills that use time wisely are really important. I’d like to briefly share one of the famous method to manage our time. Here is what I’d like to share. Prioritize your daily […]