How to Clear Mental Fatigue [Bayside Meditation]

Written by Vicky Theodoropoulos “Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction” (William James) Do you feel you are caught in the thickness of mental fatigue, decreased […]

[Bayside Meditation]Suggestions for some good Habits to follow

One of the good habits is to manage time well. Time is limited and what we have to do can be infinite. Therefore, skills that use time wisely are really important. I’d like to briefly share one of the famous method to manage our time. Here is what I’d like to share. Prioritize your daily […]

Vacation for your mind

Time to take a break from our routines, kick back and renew ourselves.⁠⁠No matter how light we pack there is one thing we always bring, our minds. I’m not talking about the mind that is going to tell you how to catch the boat or plane but the mind that constantly interrupts your dream vacation. […]

Bonfire Meditation_Bayside Meditation

On a deepening winter night, I’m only at home now because of the corona. Still, at this time of year, I remember making such a big fire and meditating before returning to New York after sweating and eating delicious fruits together on a farm in Florida.Shall we throw all the useless thoughts that come to […]

Holiday Meditation retreat

Bring in harmony, discover the mind of acceptance This holiday OME hosted our first-holiday meditation retreat. With over 100 participants, releasing negative energy and finding positive energy. Sharing love and support for each other during these times We enjoyed hearing personal stories Discussion Insightful lectures Guided meditation on the harmony Laughing meditation Dance fitness exercise […]

Grateful Friday Meditation Retreat

Take a look this retreat. Included were: Two guided meditation sessions that helped us release the blockages of gratitude. Eye opening lectures about gratitude and what blocks it. Guided stretching and an uplifting musical performance. Since the feedback was great. We will keep having retreats to help everyone. Thank you! Find out when the next […]