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Bayside Meditation is a tranquil place to rest your mind in the middle of New York City. Our center has been providing the greater New York community with a high-quality and life-transforming meditative practice since 2007. At our center, we use a simple meditation course in over 41 countries and 345 centers globally. This meditative practice continues to grow worldwide due to its groundbreaking results.

Our Vision and Mission

Bayside Meditation offers a space for people to pursue truth. Our mission is to inspire, engage and empower all our members on the journey through life by offering exceptional opportunities in support of guided meditation.

Empowering people to live a healthy, peaceful, and purposeful life through meditation.

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Benefits in our Body and Mind.

Relieve Stress

It only takes 7 minutes a day to relieve stress and boost inner peace. Stop worrying, stressing out, and being overwhelmed. Start feeling happier and more relaxed with Meditation.

Peaceful Mind

Meditation keeps your mind clear and calm. It can help you to stay focused and be less stressed and distracted in daily life.

Balanced Life

Having a healthy balanced life is the key to a successful and happy one. Our meditations are designed to make you more focused, calm, and peaceful in effortless way, while living with beautiful bad habits.

Meet Meditation Guide

Anna Kim

I have been meditating for 25 years.

When I was 20, my grandmother passed away from a chronic disease. It was a sudden loss, and it left me feeling empty and lost.

After reading books on meditation and participating in short retreats, I met this meditation method through the introduction of my friend.

For the next 25 years, my life was now indistinguishable from this meditation. After I found out that all the answers were in me, I regained the joy of life and got my goals. My childhood dream of helping people vaguely came true.

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