Vacation for your mind

Time to take a break from our routines, kick back and renew ourselves.⁠

No matter how light we pack there is one thing we always bring, our minds. I’m not talking about the mind that is going to tell you how to catch the boat or plane but the mind that constantly interrupts your dream vacation. That mind that stands between you and your joie de vivre. ⁠

No matter how far we fly or sail or how hard we party we just can’t seem to leave it behind. Take heart we have the solution for you. ⁠

There is a way to leave that negative mind behind. Not just for a week or two but permanently.⁠

Come join us for our “Refresh and Renew” meditation retreat. ⁠

There will be meditation, lectures, exercise, entertainment, fun and games. But the best part is to gather with a group of people ready to start a new way of life.⁠

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