How do I overcome inferiority complex? – Bayside Meditation Queens, NY

Written by Vicky Theodoropoulos
“Remembering wrong is like carrying a burden on the mind.” (Buddha)

             Emotions are normal part of our lives, varying from positive to negative. We don’t like having these negative feelings (etc. sadness, anger, loneliness, fear, rejection) because they can be difficult and painful.  Life has its ups and downs which is how we learn and grow from these hardships we face. How else would we understand, be humble, perceive the world if we didn’t have every emotion we feel? It is human nature, and it is our part to accept, but not to dwell on these emotions.  What tends to happen is we dwell on these feelings which leads to overthinking, questioning your overall sense of personal worth, leading to low self-esteem.

As a child growing up in a strict, non affectionate household lead to many negative experiences of verbal and physical abuse. At a young age I inadvertently learned some coping strategies to detach myself physically and emotionally from the trauma, into a dreamlike state. While it was a useful defense mechanism, constant reliance led to anxiety, emotional numbness and lack of a sense of self identity.

Into my adulthood I maintained relationships with friends, attended gatherings, but I never felt comfortable in my skin. I was never able to accept praise because I believed I was being mocked and lied to by others since my critical self-judgment, overpowered my thoughts.

In turn, this affected my ability to form new relationships, trust others and form close bonds, due to the fear of getting hurt and fear of judgement. I continued my life suppressing emotions, unable to express myself in a healthy manner.

The feeling of inferiority takes over your life making it difficult to function or accomplish goals.  All the defense coping mechanisms I utilized only presented with self-destruction. The constant comparing self to others, which was a learned behavior taught from my environment, did not enrich my life, yet exacerbate situations. As a timid young woman, I felt unworthy, lacked confidence, demonstrated fear of being assertive and the inability to share my thoughts at home and in the workplace for fear of rejection.  

MASTERING the mind is key in the first step towards overcoming inferiority complex. Once you have gained an understanding of where these feelings derived, it is time to let go of all those attachments held on for many years. Daily we store many pictures in our mind that have stories with many emotions, but we never discard those attachments, yet we let it accumulate till there is no breaking point.

PRACTICING SELF-CARE to your mind, body, soul and doing things that you enjoy. We take care of everyone else in our life and we forget about ourselves. We do not need to feel guilty if we want to be alone, do something that provides inner fulfillment.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS practiced daily to others and self are very helpful. This may be a challenge for many since those with inferiority complex have difficulty giving and receiving praises, but there will be a noticeable difference with consistency.

BE THE BEST VERSION, surround yourself with positive, open minded people to help you be the best version of yourself. Being around others with uplifting energy boosts your spirits, seeking for change.

Self-reflection and awareness guided me towards the root of my insecurities and helped resolve tensions. Meditation guided me towards enlightenment and I finally feel FREE, at HOME , my happy place.

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